South Matrix is a dominant sales, leadership development, and brand consulting firm headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. Since our inception 2017, we have already made a mark and are rapidly growing. Our company partners with some of the most prestigious firms in telecommunications, solar, energy, cable, satellite, and internet.

We attribute our success to our training system and people. We instill our team with leadership skills and center our training on empowering our people. Hence our company name (Matrix), which means an environment in which something develops. We focus on training advanced communication skills, active listening techniques, and how to increase your circle of influence.

We are some of the most motivated and driven people in the Baton Rouge area with extreme goals for the next three years. Over the next three years, we project to expand into 3 new markets with two separate clients. We plan to be set the bar for other direct marketing firms and win nation-wide recognition from our clients.

South Matrix’s mission is to provide opportunities to the willing and develop the mindset of hard working, driven individuals with sincerity and purpose while, showcasing the utmost integrity. We refuse to compromise both our company standards and personal values!

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