Overcoming Your Fears

               Have you ever sat down and faced your fears head-on? Although challenging, it is crucial, not only in your career but your personal life as well. Fears force us into complacency. We sit in our comfort zones, refusing to take on the possibilities that may come our way because we have allowed our worries to consume us. If there is one thing that we have learned here at South Matrix during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the future we envision for ourselves is one of endless opportunities; this is why we take our fears very seriously and work to overcome them as a team. Today, we will share three pieces of concrete advice on how you can embrace your fears and use them to elevate your life, now and post-Corona!

Rely on your mentor

               As stated earlier, overcoming your fears is challenging and is not a task that you have to tackle on your own. These are your fears, and they will take a lot of self-accountability, but with the help of a mentor, you can do it! Being afraid is nothing to be embarrassed about; we all have fears. The only difference is that your mentor has more experience facing the things that scare them. They have been where you are and want nothing more than to help you. When you need a listening ear, moral support, or sound advice, call your mentor. Not even a global pandemic can stop them from lending a hand!

Face your fears head-on

               We opened up this blog, asking if you have ever faced your fears head-on because we already knew the answer. Most budding entrepreneurs are risk-takers but the unknowns of starting or building a business can be daunting. Instead of pushing your fears aside, you need to face them. Only then can you become fearless, allowing the things that once held you back to propel you forward.

Understand your influence as a leader

               The only way to fully grow into your role as a leader is to be bold and act with swift action. Your team needs to feel confident that you will lead them down the right path. If they see you sitting complacently in your comfort zones, they will do one of two things. 1: Join you or 2: Seek someone else to guide them. If your dream is to run your own business one day, then facing your fears is a must! As a leader, you set the example. What do you want others to learn from you?

               Our South Matrix team is far from perfect; we face setbacks every day. However, we are confident that each of our team members will reach their professional and personal goals. Why? Because they receive daily, hands-on coaching, providing them with the skill sets to handle any challenge that arises. This is not to say that they are without fear. When a challenge or worry presents itself, they know that facing it head-on, with their mentor by their side, will allow them to grow into an entrepreneur worthy of being called a leader. So, are you ready to overcome your fears?

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