Surviving COVID-19 At South Matrix

To say 2020 has gone differently than I envisioned for our company would be an understatement. Yet, I am appreciative. I am grateful for everything we’ve experienced and overcome so far at South Matrix. In the last 4 months of social distancing, I have learned more from my team than ever. This is how we’re thriving, not just surviving.

By prioritizing people over profit

Our team’s health and well-being come before everything…before our clients, before our customers, before sales. Why? Because our team is the foundation of our success. Without prioritizing their physical and mental health, we would consequently fail in every department following. From the start of the outbreak, we made sure each of our team members was able to transition to work from home. Even upon returning to the office this month, we put additional health initiatives in place to ensure the comfort and safety of every person that stepped foot in our doors – from employees to interviews.

 By placing a core focus on self-development

I knew with as many adjustments as we would soon be faced with, one thing needed to remain constant: our desire to always learn and improve. From our first day working from home, we coordinated daily Zoom calls for our team with leaders from within our industry and beyond. We heard from military generals, sales executives, health professionals, financial consultants, and more. We talked big picture about how focusing on each person’s self-development would lead to the overall betterment of our company….and it absolutely has. In just a third of the year, I’ve seen more accountability, initiative, and energy from this group of professionals, and it makes me more excited to fully return to work after COVID-19 passes in its entirety.

By honing in on what we can control versus what’s out of our control

It was a challenge at first to not dwell on the uncontrollables — to not fixate on how our industry was taking a massive hit. But that quickly faded and was replaced with optimism. What an incredible opportunity we had as a company to overcome a world-wide pandemic and come out on the other side of it sharper, more adaptable, and more resilient. I woke up each day with a newfound purpose.

I know when we make it through this, we will make it through anything. As things start to take a turn again for the worse, I look ahead, not with fear or trepidation but with confidence.  I am confident that we will continue thriving because we put people over profit, focus on self-development, and hone what we can control versus can’t control. I am confident in our team.

I am confident in South Matrix.

All My Best. Stay Safe, Everyone. – Jamal Hollingsworth


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