How a Passion For Golf Created an Entrepreneur

The month of November brought an exciting addition to the South Matrix team in the form of a shining new team member, Dylan Pastorick. Originally from Baton Rouge, Pastorick has brought a homegrown kind of confidence into the office, and his few months here have been nothing short of stellar. A competitive golfer, Dylan brings a sense of determination and encouragement that has been seen only in the most successful entrepreneurs.

An important lesson learned as an entrepreneur is that there is no set path, and inspiration and opportunity can come from absolutely anywhere. The business leaders who make it big know how to work hard, but more than that, they keep their eyes open to the world and its many walks of life. This is a lesson we did not have to teach Dylan; he’s known it all along. “Before working here, I worked on a golf course,” says Pastorick, “I met a lot of influential people there. Each day lawyers, doctors, and business owners came in to play. Meeting them at such a young age and getting to interact with them inspired me to create my career in a similar field.

That’s Dylan today, but let’s rewind to the start. Where did this sales star begin? How did he find his way to us? As one might guess, it all started on the golf course. “I was always playing golf as a teenager,” says Pastorick, “If I’m honest, the golf team I played on was not the best, but luckily my success pushed me into qualifications for state competitions. I loved the competitive nature in the air; I thrived on it.”

Golf star, entrepreneur, and student, Dylan Pastorick, somehow manages to juggle all of his responsibilities, break records in the office, and maintain his collegiate studies all at once. A student at Southeastern University, Dylan, will be graduating this December. “After high school, I debated a lot on college,” said Pastorick, “I was choosing between LSU and Southeastern, but I got more of a personal feeling at Southeastern and decided to follow my heart. When I was a kid, I wanted to own a car dealership, and when I started school, I was studying finance and wealth management. After doing that for some time and growing up a little bit, I realized that sales was the field for me.”

While most college students may opt for a job at a local diner or grocery store, Dylan Pastorick strived for more. He found the opportunity at South Matrix through some online searching and was hooked. “I was impressed with the laid back structure,” says Pastorick, “The culture at South Matrix is enjoyable and relaxed, yet structured at the same time. The people are great, and I’ve built some powerful relationships. I consider myself to be a funny person. I might be quiet at first, but when I’m comfortable, I don’t stop talking. My team has brought that out of me.”

Those in Dylan’s position may have to field the common questions of, ‘why start so early?’ or ‘don’t rush anything.’ However, the ones who understand that the sooner you get out there, the sooner success will find you are the special ones. “I have learned more in two months with this team than I have in three years of school,” says Pastorick, “I have learned so much about myself and mastered the art of positivity. I don’t regret diving in headfirst. If I could tell my younger self anything, I would say, ‘don’t procrastinate, don’t push things off, and take life more seriously.'”

What does the future hold for Pastorick? In his view, five years from now, he will be financially stable, leading an office for our client, and investing in real estate properties. More than that, his biggest goal in life is to open a restaurant right here in Baton Rouge, where he plans on staying longterm.

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