Marine, Father, Leader: Brennyn Granier’s Story

It’s employee spotlight time here at South Matrix, and we could not be more proud to introduce this team member to the world. Brennyn Granier is a top performer in this office, destined for unending success. Brennyn has no intention of harboring his secrets to success, though, and instead, prefers to share them with the world and create even more incredible leaders. This month, we sat down with him to discuss exactly what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Brennyn Granier started at South Matrix in August of this year and has been grinding since day one. Born and raised in Louisiana, he credits his drive and determination to his childhood experiences. “My parents always made me work for things,” says Granier, “Every summer I did construction with my dad. I learned at a young age how to work hard and how to achieve goals. I was a very active child and preferred anything outside — riding four-wheelers, go-karts, dirt bikes, you name it. I was always competitive growing up, and I know that the mentality I learned as a child helps me at work to this day.”

Following high school graduation, Brennyn felt a life shift. His drive to succeed was sparked brighter than before and he started on his own career path, which would eventually lead him to us. “After high school, I played out the summer and enjoyed life,” says Granier, “I was working repairing phones at the time and I knew that I didn’t want to go to college. School wasn’t for me. One day, the Marine Corps called me because I filled out a form in high school. I took the test on the computer that day without telling anyone, and they offered me a job to work on helicopters. I only told everyone after accepting the job. That experience plays a huge part in my day to day routine even now at South Matrix. We were trained in a certain way, and it really is true that being a Marine sticks with you forever. I owe a lot of my work ethic to that; I don’t ever really stop until I reach a goal and I think I learned that as a Marine.”

Despite the success he has seen, this career came out of the left field for Granier, which makes it all the more magical. “I had absolutely no idea I would be doing sales & marketing, especially after my time in the Marine Corp.” says Granier, “I always did manual labor growing up. My dad worked in construction, as did everyone in my family. I was always starting my own grass companies or outdoor home improvement businesses or fixing mobile phones, but never had the startup costs to really make it. I just jumped from job to job and it was all very labor-intensive. Luckily, seeing my family own their own businesses pushed me to be an entrepreneur and brought me closer to this world, yet I still didn’t expect how amazing this opportunity would be. I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, now.”

You may be asking, how did a United States Marine walk into the office of South Matrix and change the company culture forever? It began with outreach. “I was contacted by Alexis initially and was taken aback by the opportunity,” says Granier, “but knew that it seemed like an incredible option that I couldn’t turn down. I was working for a company at the time and thinking about my future, and my boss at the time didn’t seem to want me to be as successful as I knew I could be. I wanted more growth and responsibility, and I found that at South Matrix. The energy is amazing. We’re a team of inspiring young entrepreneurs with a drive like you’ve never seen. It’s a very close-knit environment where negativity is shut down and positivity is encouraged.”

Brennyn Granier may have elevated our game tremendously, but in his view, it was a mutual deal. A successful career is one that grows and changes you, not one that simply pays you. “I learn something new every day here,” says Brennyn, “I wasn’t great at public speaking, but that has improved a lot. I never really had to speak in front of people before, and I would overthink it all the time. This job allows me to look forward in life and stay positive. I have a two-month-old baby, a girlfriend, and a house mortgage. I decided to put other people’s judgments and opinions behind me and focus on my own future.”

From all of us here at South Matrix, we want to share with the entire world the motivation that Brennyn Granier exudes each day in the office. Positivity and drive are contagious, and no one embodies that quite like Brennyn. “Nothing has topped the feeling of having my son two months ago,” says Granier, “When he grows up, I cant wait to mentor him and tell him to explore everything until he finds what makes him happiest in life. I’ve done a lot of odd jobs and never settled, so I think that has made me grateful for the opportunity and passion I have found here. The goals that I have accomplished and milestones I have hit motivate me to move further. The belief that you can do anything you put your mind to comes with success.”

Don’t let the name Brennyn Granier slip from your mind, as his depth of untapped potential is waiting to shine. Within the next five years, Granier hopes to be running his own office, living in a house he designed on a lake, and relaxing on his own fishing boat…and we know he’s going to do that & some.


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