Our Favorite LSU Football Traditions!

Baton Rouge, home of our office, South Matrix, proudly cheers on the Louisana State University (LSU) Tigers every football season- and we’re no different! With football season in full effect right now, we’re thrilled to talk about our favorite LSU football traditions, how we enjoy supporting the team, and why it’s one of our most active times of the year as a team.

Hosting/Attending Watch Parties

Let’s be real, is there anything better than getting together with your colleagues, cooking up some themed party food, and kicking back while watching a game? LSU host parties serve as team bonding time and create endless memories. We love dressing up in spirit wear, enjoying some drinks and laughs, and cheering on the Tigers. Add in a crawfish boil and we’re there!

Attending the LSU Football Games

Okay, maybe the only thing better than hosting watch parties is actually attending the game! Our South Matrix team are not strangers to the tradition of LSU football games. We throw on our jerseys, war paint, tailgate, and cheer the night away. We challenge you to grab your teammates and attend a sporting event together this season. It’s always a blast!

Streamers, flags, BBQ, and cornhole, oh my!


Streamers, flags, BBQ, and cornhole, oh my! Our crew has fun taking part in tailgates before games. It truly is the best way to get pumped up with our team before the big event. Plus, we usually get a visit from Mike the Tiger and who would want to miss that?!  Purple and gold beads galore… the “Tiger Bait” (opposing teams) have nothing on us!

Supporting Mike the Tiger

We are happy to mention that in 2005, The Tiger Athletic Foundation raised enough money to create a thorough Tiger habitat to take good care of our Mike among other tigers! “The new habitat ranks among the largest and finest Tiger preserves in the country and expanded Mike’s home from 2,000 to 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2). It also features research, conservation, and husbandry programs, as well as educational, interpretive, and recreational activities.” We are proud to support our mascot, Mike, and the foundations who give him proper care. The LSU spirit family is unlike any other!

Geaux Tigers, Geaux Tigers!

LSU Songs For the Win

It’s a tradition that at various times throughout the LSU game, the Tiger Band (also referred to as The Golden Band from Tigerland) performs a few spirited songs. We can’t help but get excited when “Touchdown for LSU” begins to play amidst our cheering! Being in face-to-face sales, we have NO problem meeting and showing our team spirit with new people. Geaux Tigers, Geaux Tigers! Bonding with them over our mutual love of football and showing off our vocals/LSU Tigers pride is always enjoyable! Beyonce, who?

We’re not shy when showing our Louisiana State University Tigers pride. Our South Matrix team feels blessed to be apart of such fun, strong, and withstanding traditions! If you aren’t participating in traditions like these already, we hope you think about starting with your family or team. You can thank us later! To view more of what we’re up to at South Matrix, give us a friendly follow on Instagram!

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