Learning the Ins and Outs of the DISC Assessment

Here at South Matrix, we believe in one thing – growth. Now, you may be asking, “Growth of what.” Our answer – everything. We want to see our business, our team, and our skills grow exponentially over the upcoming months and the only way to do that is to evaluate our leadership skills and our interactions with our team members. The first step – have everyone complete a DISC assessment. This is a simple test that helps us determine exactly how to work with and train team members with certain personality types. Sound far fetched? Well, believe it! A strong leader knows that everyone works a little differently, and the key to building a successful team is to create long-lasting relationships. Keep reading to learn how the DISC assessment can help you take your people to the next level!

Let’s start off with a little more detail about what exactly the DISC assessment is. It is a non-judgmental test that is used to discuss people’s behavioral differences. The team member will answer a series of questions and their results will provide a detailed report about their personality and behavior. Another perk to taking the test is that you receive tips on how best to work with people of different personality types. Like we said earlier, we all work a little different. So, knowing someone’s personality type is a great first step in building a working relationship that will help them and the business grow!

The DISC assessment breaks down to four different personality types – dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Most people will be a mixture of each type but will usually have one that is their identifier. A dominant personality thrives on the bottom line. They are confident, driven, and results-oriented. An influence personality type is open, good at building relationships and influencing those around them. Someone that is steady is typically sincere, dependable, and emphasizes cooperation. Lastly, a conscientious personality likes to be competent and accurate. Do you recognize yourself in some of these descriptions? Well, there’s only one way to find out your personality percentages. By taking the test!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “what does this have to do with me or my career?” In short, everything. All of our team members here at South Matrix take the DISC assessment because we want to be the best leaders that we can be. By taking the test, we are able to alter our leadership styles per individual, giving us the highest probability of helping them hit their goals. This, in turn, helps our business grow! Success is a team effort, and the best way to lead a team is to truly know them. 

We know that it may sound silly to put so much stock in a test that you can take online. But, this is no ordinary test. You’re not going to learn what Kardashian your personality is going to match with. You are going to learn the way your brain works. This test helps us be better business leaders, colleagues, and individuals. So, when are you going to discover your personality breakdown? 



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