Networking & Traveling with South Matrix!

One of the perks of a career here at South Matrix, a premier marketing and sales firm serving the Baton Rouge, LA area, is the wide array of travel opportunities. Whether it be for conferences, training, R&R, or as a reward- we’re always up for an adventure! While traveling is typically meant for enjoyment and exploration, it’s also a great opportunity to network. Learn with us the ins and outs of packing for trips and the best ways to network while traveling!


Packing for Travel

Key things to remember when getting ready to travel include:

-If international: Passport & I.D.

-Transportation tickets & hospitality confirmations

-Money (including enough for any emergencies)

-Appropriate clothing/shoes for the weather & your events (Business, casual, beachwear, etc.)



-Appliances & chargers (Phone, iPad, computer, etc.)

-Accessories (Hat, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.)


Pro-tip: Starting to pack at least a week in advance gives you time to add any items you think of throughout your day-to-day routine to your checklist. Download the app Wunderlist to create a virtual packing list to check off items and to stay organized!


Networking During Travel

When you’re adventuring to somewhere new, you’re constantly around people you’ve never met before, giving you endless opportunities to network! Here are some of our tips to make it as flawless as possible:

-Approach and introduce yourself to those around you (the person next to you on the plane, the hotel check-in attendant, etc.) with eye-contact, a smile, enthusiasm, and a firm handshake!

-Ask their name and try to use it again in the conversation to show your listening skills.

-Ask engaging questions about their career/hobbies to show your interest.

-If the conversation allows, throw in a little humor! It’s easy to be memorable when you make someone laugh!

-If you get along well, ask for contact details or give them your card. Maybe you can meet up again on the trip or have a call when you’re back home!

-Be real, be genuine, and most importantly- have fun! You are traveling, afterall!


So, next time an opportunity presents itself where you get to travel somewhere new, we hope these tips make your packing a breeze! Whether the trip is for business or pleasure, it’s always great to engage with new people! That’s the amazing thing about networking- it’s always an option. From all of us at South Matrix, we wish you the happiest of travels! Stay tuned for all of our travel adventures on Instagram, including our trip to Atlanta, GA in 2 weeks!

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