A Hero Through & Through

We think we can all agree that someone who puts their life on the line voluntarily for our country is a tremendous human being. We knew this from the first moment we came into contact with Nick Chestovich’s resume. Yet, somehow, meeting him in person and having the privilege of working with him these last 7 months has proven to us that he is more than just a tremendous American; he is an all-around remarkable person — family man, inspiring father, and dedicated leader here at South Matrix.

From growing up in Prairieville, LA to entering the Marine Corps after graduation, Nick was blessed with parents who showed him what work ethic meant and what providing for your family looked like. His father was a Marine himself, instilling early on values of honor, integrity, and accountability.

Joining the military kicked Nick’s work ethic into overdrive, and he worked with diligence to advance in rank and responsibility. Finishing boot camp in January of 2013, Nick spent the next 3+ years serving his country, even completing an 8 1/2 month long tour in Afghanistan.

It didn’t take Nick long to realize that within the military, you lose the ability to be your own boss and secure your own financial freedom. While that security is fit for some, he knew he wanted more. Nick wanted to be in control of his destiny and income singlehandedly.
He reached for that goal first by started a consulting & accounting non-profit that serviced veterans and helped them find employment in the civilian sector,Β  yet again found himself at the crossroads of wanting to provide more for his family monetarily! Life then brought him into the industrial field, working as a crane operator, but again, his entrepreneurial spirit was starved.
Attracted initially to the fact that South Matrix’s growth structure is based on merit, Nick joined the team in October 2018 full force! He came in with an open mind eager to learn and ready to hustle. Since his start, Nick has influenced dozens within our company’s walls, helping entry level marketing & sales professionals advance in our management training program.
After working at South Matrix for the last half year, Nick’s notion of controlling his destiny has evolved into wanting to create a legacy and provide an opportunity for advancement for others. With a vision to impact millions and be remembered as a business leader, Nick works every day with an intensity that is unheard of. It has been no surprise to us to see him advance into a Senior Corporate Trainer position, working his way into Management by the end of 2019.
Citing his best memory in the company as his trip out to our client broker’s in Los Angeles, travel is just one of the many perks of Nick advancing in the company. It goes without saying that Nick’s character and potential are off the charts, and he has our full confidence in all he does. We look forward to the day he will be promoted to Management and help our client expand outside of Baton Rouge. Stay tuned for more from this war hero turned office hero!

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