Big News For Nick šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

Maybe it was his upbringing in an Army family, his Southern, down-to-earth personality or his love for people and travel, but Nicholas Novalis was made for our company’s Management Training Program. It’s no wonder 1 year after helping South Matrix open in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that Nick has earned a promotion into an Assistant Management role in the company!

Born in Honolulu, the youngest son of an Army officer, Nick experienced a childhood unlike most. His family moved 4 times over the course of his school years, first, to Virginia, then Killeen, TX, back to Northern Virginia, and then down again to Killeen for his junior and senior year of high school. “Moving made me fearless and taught me how to assimilate and learn to get along with anyone,” says Nick. “I learned the importance of being even-keeled and likable early on, coupled with how to build great relationships (thanks, Dad).”

Moving yet again, this time for college, Nick followed in the footsteps of his parents and attended their alma mater, Penn State. There, Nick chose to study Biorenewable Systems and became interested in a career in sustainable energy. After graduating in May 2016 and looking to return back to the South, though, Nick actually found himself starting unexpectedly with a sales company in Knoxville, TN; a job he ended up falling in love with and credits it as the catapult of his career. It was there that Nick met CEO of South Matrix, Jamal Hollingsworth. The two instantly hit it off and when Jamal was asked by our client to help expand to Baton Rouge, Nick accepted the opportunity to see an office open from the ground floor up. Fast-forward a year and after countless months of honing his leadership skills, Nick is ready to move into the next phase of his training and development. In preparation to help our client expand yet again closer to the end of this summer, Nick will now assume more responsibilities in operations management, human resources, and payroll.

Stating “to excel at South Matrix, you need to be perseverant, genuine, and collected,” Nick shows us on a daily basis how these three characteristics can help anyone excel in our business and beyond. His advice to those just starting in the company is to focus on your energy output and trust that the results will match the level of effort expelled!

Nick raves about his family, citing his parent’s 35-year marriage as inspirational, his father’s career journey to a 1-star General incredible, and the love for his brother profound! In fact, Nick hopes to move closer to Dallas. where his older brother John resides, and one day start a second business with him specializing in outdoor apparel!

In summary, Nick’s progression in our company has been nothing short of inspirational, and we have no doubt that his resilience and ability to connect with people will bring him much success with South Matrix over the next year’s to come. Stay tuned, because though this may be the first you’re reading of Nick’s story, it won’t be the last you hear his name!

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