Big Talent, Big Goals: Bailey’s Story

At South Matrix, we’ve defined the ultimate “qualities” needed to be successful in business. The formula goes like so: equal parts work ethic, student mentality, grit, and competition. If you’re wondering what each of these has to do with having a fruitful career, we’ll explain by sharing with you the woman we believe embodies them all: Bailey Minsky, newest Human Resources Manager here at South Matrix.

Born & bred in none other than the founding place of South Matrix, Bailey hails Baton Rouge as home. A resident of False River, Minsky recalls having a particularly enjoyable childhood, complete with memories of the sport that defined 10 years of her life: cheerleading! Starting in 2nd grade and continuing throughout her senior year of High School, she forged a life that was driven by team building and competition.  “When I wasn’t at home, I was at the gym. Cheer kept me busy in every way.” If you’re wondering how competitive she was in the sport, Bailey had both an ankle surgery and two knee surgeries post cheerleading (mind you she’s only 22)!

The daughter of an LSU alum, Bailey anxiously awaited the day she would enroll at her father’s alma mater. Within weeks of starting school, she rushed Alpha Phi and found the sorority and sisters of her dreams. Yet, despite a rigorous school & social calendar, Bailey pursued a Public Relations degree for the entire duration of her studies and graduated in 3 1/2 years, half a year early thanks to her student mentality. A scholar through and through, Bailey knew that the quality of her life post-college would be dependent on her discipline and dedication at LSU.

To demonstrate her work ethic, we’d like to note that Bailey didn’t start working at South Matrix AFTER graduation; she actually applied in August 2018 and started interning with the company in September 2018. Eager to get her foot in the door and secure her career, Bailey started applying for jobs a semester before graduation. Talk about putting in overtime! As a Human Resources intern, Bailey learned everything for talent acquisition to administration, hungrily soaking up knowledge and asking questions whenever she could. Needless to say, that work ethic has not left her in the 5 months she has worked with the company and is the reason she’s being featured as this month’s “team spotlight.”

When asked what she feels makes South Matrix so unique, Bailey states, “it feels like home away from home. The culture, the atmosphere, the energy – I feel like I’m meant to be here.” And she is. Less than half a year in, Bailey is already making strides and planning the progression of her career carefully with mentors. As sure as anything, Bailey knows that her opportunity for growth at South Matrix is tremendous and is determined to progress as a leader in our company’s HR/Recruiting department. Grit, defined as a combination of passion and perseverance for a singularly important goal, is the term we would use to describe Bailey’s intensity for her development.

Placing spending time with her 7-year-old nephew, Thomas, and her puppy, Charlie (who’s a rescue she saved from a parking lot), at the top of her list, you can find Bailey outside of the office always with loved ones. A “grandma” at heart, she jokes, there’s nothing she loves more than curling up on the couch to watch a movie or Netflix (we feel you, Bailey)! As lovable as her favorite character from Friends, Monica Geller, we’re certain we’ll be there for you and you’ll be there for us…for good. Here’s to dominating 2019 together and making all your dreams come true, Bailey.

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