Focus, Faith, Family: Tiffani’s Recipe For Success

Each person’s definition of success and how to get there differs. For Tiffani Merridy, though, it’s quite simple: laser-like focus, faith, and fierce loyalty to her supportive family.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Tiffani has called this amazing city hers for the last 23 years. Her childhood was based in the small, quaint neighborhood of Eden Park, complete with the warm embrace of a big family. A musically gifted child, Tiffani starting playing piano as a kindergartener, which led the way to her love for the violin. Playing solely, at first, for her congregation, Tiffani was soon asked as a high schooler to perform at weddings and various church events; experiences she now looks back on with gratitude, as they inadvertently helped prepare her for working at South Matrix.

The product of a single-parent household, Tiffani is as strong, disciplined, and focused as they come. Wanting to ultimately provide for her mom like her mom provided for her, Tiffani placed her studies at the forefront of her mind, enrolling in LSU’s pre-med program. When she selected a business minor two years later, though, to teach her the skills to open her own medical practice, Tiffani found her niche in business management and changed her major junior year. In addition to being a stellar student, she was an active member in the Student Government, serving as the President of on-campus apartments.

Tiffani entered the workforce during her junior year of college, starting first at CapitalOne and then at Chase Bank. For the next 2 1/2 years, she worked with intensity, preparing for law school and a career in business law. When law school didn’t pan out for Tiffani, she arranged for life’s next great adventure — a career at South Matrix. After seeing the company’s open Management Training Program online, Tiffani knew that any firm that would give her the tools to be a business executive was the company for her.

Now going on 5 months with the organization, Tiffani raves about the family-oriented culture, the fun coworkers, and the supportive management team at South Matrix. She states, “working here has taught me to take risks, be more confident in myself, and ask for help when needed.” With goals of moving into an Assistant Management role by June and Management by October, there’s no stopping this fierce female.

Outside of work, Tiffani loves spending time with friends & family and watching movies. Determined to read one book a month and listen to more business podcasts, Tiffani challenges everyone to up their business acumen this year. “I know I’m willing to work hard for what I want, and that is what will separate me in the long run of life.”

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