Overcoming Obstacles & Making Moves: Jenny’s Story

They say no success story starts with “everything went right.” The most successful entrepreneurs have journeys that spiral, twist, and turn, but no matter the bumps, they never leave the ride. Meet Jenny Seymour, Corporate Trainer here at South Matrix. Someone who truly understands what overcoming adversity means and how to thrive when the odds aren’t always stacked in your favor. We wanted to sit down with this rising star and learn more about what makes her so tenacious!

Jenny, you’ve been a rockstar at South Matrix since you started! Tell us about what shaped you as a kid and adult! 

Growing up it was my mom, Shondala, my sister, Mikyla, and I. Though we didn’t have a lot, we had each other. We moved around a lot, so I learned how to adapt early on. I lived in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and finally settled in Louisiana. As a kid, I was pretty quiet and kept to myself, my schoolwork, and my books mostly. Despite seeming like an introvert, I’ve always had a fire inside that motivated me to accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

Tell us more about that internal fire! 

I remember most vividly being in college and having to work to support myself, but without a car, that meant walking miles to my job at Whole Foods. When I couldn’t afford my tuition at LSU any longer, I picked up a second job at Teavana (pushing 70 hours between both) just to make ends meet. I ended up working hard enough to move into management. When the franchise closed down, I transferred to Banana Republic as a store manager there until that location also closed. When I felt like all the cards were stacked against me and one door after another kept closing, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. Work then brought me to employment at a cancer clinic and it only took me a few months there to realize that I need something that pushed me to become the best version of my professional self, not saddened me daily.

What has your experience been like at South Matrix?

Incredible. Honestly, I’ve never felt more challenged, included, motivated, and inspired. I come to work excited and I leave fulfilled. By the end of the year, I want to be closer to moving into an Assistant Management position and helping the company expand internationally – particularly to France! My advice to anyone starting with the company is to be confident. Even if you aren’t knowledgeable in a certain area, be confident that you’ll be the fastest learner. Be confident that you’ll be the hardest worker, the most positive, the most engaged.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I love spending time with my dog and Cat, Leo & Luna! I like watching stand-ups, watching Frasier and New Girl on Netflix, trying to eat well and live my best life. I’m really focused on my growth at South Matrix mostly, so reading and spending time with the team keeps me buys too!

Jenny, you are one of kind. Your positive outlook and refusal to ever let unfortunate circumstances get you down inspires us. We’re so grateful to have someone of your resiliency on our team and contributing to our growth. Keep up the tremendous work, Jenny!



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